Product Sourcing for Organic Swaddle Blanket

  • Organic Muslin Swaddle blanket

Product Sourcing for Organic Swaddle Blanket

Niche Skincare Ltd from the United Kingdom wanted to find organic muslin swaddle blanket manufacturers and needed someone to facilitate the product sourcing process.

The result:

After the initial review, our bees managed to established communication with 20+ manufacturers. As well as managed to shortlist 3 for further cooperation.

Given the thoughtful analysis, we managed to finish the product sourcing for the organic swaddle blanket in the planned timeline.

Testimonial: “I highly recommend BizzBee. Their communication skills are excellent which ensures that a good job gets done. They had a tough job sourcing from China but have given me all the information required for me to now make an informed decision. They also gave a thorough breakdown of prices, which is difficult when different companies are quoting in many different ways. Highly recommended as a sourcing agent.”


Client name

Niche Skincare Ltd


United Kingdom


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