Product Sourcing for Skateboard Deck

  • Product Sourcing for custom Skateboard Deck

Product Sourcing for Skateboard Deck

An individual entrepreneur needed Product Sourcing for custom Skateboard deck with tailored dimensions. They had the sizes and some images based on which our bees’ needed to find the right manufacturer.

The process and result

As a result of screening the skateboard manufacturing industry, we shortlisted the best ten producers that meet the client’s requirement.
The skateboard as a non-standard issue had a limited number of manufacturers that have the technical capacity to do it. Once the client ordered samples and chose the manufacturer, our bees transferred the communication so that the client could cooperate with the best manufacturer.

With that as a final step, our bees’ project for product sourcing for a Skateboard deck, was successfully finished.

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions have been a great help. They have experience with sourcing in China, they completed successfully the job in time and also helped me better understand the main criteria used to deal with manufacturers (samples, minimum order quantity, etc.) They also work in a very transparent way, sharing progress, files, contacts and used tools. ”


Client name

Individual Entrepreneur