Product sourcing for Acne Pills Manufacturer

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Product sourcing for Acne Pills Manufacturer

Green Sequoia, a client from California, needed help to find a US manufacturer for a vitamin supplement that will make a custom formula pill. For that reason, they asked us to help them with product sourcing and find the proper acne pills manufacturer. In short, the client had a dietary supplement formula created by a Doctor and needed to find manufacturers.

After finishing the product sourcing for the acne pills manufacturer, the client entrusted us with a second project.

They wanted to find a wholesale source for specific waterproof mascara from Maybelline that can be shipped to Vietnam. They had a target price and wanted to find suppliers to do it for the target price. As a result, for this second project, we managed to find 40 wholesalers for our client.

Testimonial: “It’s a pleasure to work with BizzBee Solutions. I’ll hire them again for my future projects.”


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Green Sequoia




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