Market Research For A Travel Agency

  • market research for a travel agency

Market Research For A Travel Agency

The client wanted to start a business in Myanmar. That is a travel agency that will offer travel tours to foreigners around Myanmar.
They were at the starting point, so they needed full guidance and a market research report that will help them understand the market, find a better position and differentiate from their competitors.

Since the target market wasn’t Myanmar, but everything outside, first, we needed to find where most of the tourists in Myanmar come from. By country, region, or whatever is possible, so we did a Market overview for different segments.

After that, we started with the competition analysis. We searched what features and functionalities the competitors have on their web, and recommend what looks good/bad, where their competitors promote themselves etc.
In the end, we did a Governance Overview. That was in case there are any associations for tour agencies or other relevant governmental/non-governmental bodies that they should be aware of.


TESTIMONIAL: “Really enjoyed working with Danco and his team, and was happy with the market research report they created for us. We will definitely consider using them again. Thanks!”


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Changing World Imports