Market Research for Road Line Instalment in New York

  • Market research for road line instalment in New York

Market Research for Road Line Instalment in New York

Our client – Triangle Services was looking for market research regarding road line instalment in New York.

They wanted to make a decision if they should continue to invest in the industry of road line instalment. As well as what would be the best market to target if they decide to go for it.
Our client was interested in the findings for 8 different states in the USA. With this in mind, we started with New York and did the following:

Phase 1: Collect bids from the three software as a basic source. With different keywords as “pavement marking”, “line striping”, “runway marking”, and “runway rehabilitation” we shortlisted the relevant bids in the specific regions/ counties. Also, an additional criteria was that that the bids should not be older than 3 years.

Phase 2: Proceed with the bids with the available information. The goal of this research is to find out the total bid amount, methods of pavement and players on the market. This is the required basic information in order to create an analysis of the market. All available information of this type is welcome.

Phase 3: Report on the мarket, its findings and рecommendations. Our team created this document with information related to the pavement marking in the state, responsible entities, and trends, independently from the bids research. Additionally to the secondary data, the information from the bid research was enriching this report with more valuable info focused on the specific regions.

We did the research in 3 weeks and the client was satisfied with the outcome. Once we finished with NY, we continued working on Boston.


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