Product Sourcing for Medical Devices

  • Market Research & Product Sourcing service for Medical Devices

Product Sourcing for Medical Devices

Masena Invest is using our Product sourcing service for medical devices and their health products since March 2015. They are a premium brand looking for manufacturers of various different products.

Our job is based on the criteria provided by Masena, to screen the supply market and identify 30+ relevant manufacturers. From them, the client narrows it down to the best 3 and we facilitate the sample ordering process. Then, once Masena chose the best manufacturer, we introduce them and leave them to continue the cooperation.

Our work so far

An average sourcing process takes 20-30h distributed over a period of 2 weeks. Consequently, since March 2015, we’ve worked more than 100 hours with this client.

So far, our bees’ have successfully done product sourcing for these Medical devices:

Medical Devices

  • Infrared Ear Thermometer
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Finger Pulse Oximeter
  • Medical Penlight
  • Pee specimen cup
  • Pregnancy Products
  • Supplement manufacturers in the USA

Other products

  • Kamado BBQ
  • Electric Tricycle
  • Pest Control devices

In addition to product sourcing service for their health products, as a result, we helped the company with various Market Research in order to define the characteristics of the desired products.

Additional market research

Separate market research was conducted for mobile phone usage in the USA. The client was launching a mobile app and wanted to optimize it for different mobile phone devices (smartphones). For this reason, in order to do so, they needed market research to find out the usage of each smartphone in the USA. The final output was an excel sheet which provided useful information for different iOS and Android devices in the USA.

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions worked fast, asked great questions and they over delivered. We will definitely use them again.
Working with BizzBee Solutions was a pleasure. They asked the right questions while focusing on the best possible outcome of the tasks. Recommended.”


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Masena Invest




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