Competition Mapping of the Predictive Maintenance Market

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Competition Mapping of the Predictive Maintenance Market

Analog Devices is an American multinational semiconductor company that specializes in data conversion and signal processing technology. They serve their customers by helping them with understanding the world. They do this by bridging the physical and digital with technologies that sense, measure and connect. To achieve their plan, they asked us to do competition mapping of the Predictive Maintenance market. 

In other words, they wanted us to do market research and find their competitors.

The PdM techniques are designed to help conclude the condition of in-service equipment to predict a need for maintenance. These methods are one of the leading use cases for the IoT industry, and as such, they are of absolute importance.

The competition mapping of the predictive maintenance market turned extensive, but we managed to complete it in the nick of time. Additionally, to make the results more easy to use, we classified the companies into several categories.

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Analog Devices


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