Market Research on Pressure-relief Cushions

  • Market Research on Pressure relief/offloading cushions

Market Research on Pressure-relief Cushions

Our client, S&B Solutions, is a healthcare company that wanted to introduce a new product on the market. For that mission, they needed market research for pressure-relief cushions. Our job specifically covered doing a competitive analysis of the companies in the pressure relief/offloading cushions market space as well as a SWOT analysis.

The process and results:

The process of market research on pressure-relief cushions we divided it into three stages:

Firstly, we identified all (worldwide) pressure-relieving or pressure offloading cushions or other relevant devices designed to minimize pressure. With other words, we located our client’s competition.

Secondly, we did a data collection for each product, covering size, material, shape, price, etc.

Third, from the sample of 100+ relevant companies, we’ve made a statistical analysis. Covering the average size, price, shape, and region, and abstracting it into an executive summary.

Client name

S&B Solutions


New York


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