Market Research of Data-scraping Industry

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Market Research of Data-scraping Industry

The client was developing a data scraping tool and wanted extensive market research of the data-scraping industry. For that purpose, they asked our bees for help. We performed a market overview, where we analyzed web scraping services and solutions by their most common uses and applications. Furthermore, we analyzed the industry trends where we concluded a brief narrative about the past methods used for obtaining data and information, as to what were and what are the substitute ways of data extraction from the Web.

We also analyzed the market and clients that would benefit most by applying the data scraping services and software. We also performed a competitor’s analysis, opening up with the most common uses of web data scraping and kept its focus only to the Web Scraping and Price Comparison competitors, as in accordance of the demands. Governmental implications and regulations were also analyzed, which may arise in the case of improper web scraping conduct.

In the end, we concluded the market research of the data-scraping industry with several case studies. In them, we showcased the laws and regulations on web data scraping to provide the best possible insights of the legal predicament that the unjust use of data scraping may lead to.

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