Market Research of Loan Providers in UK

  • market research of payday loan providers

Market Research of Loan Providers in UK

The client, a recognized payday loan provider in the UK, wanted to do a competitive analysis and in-depth market research of payday loan providers in the UK. Including their brand owners, their terms, as well as regulatory status.

Phase one

In the first phase of this project, our bees managed to identify more than 150 payday loan providers in the UK. We were looking at management structure, contact information, regulatory licenses, mother/daughter companies, etc.  We presented this with a lengthy sheet with a lot of information.

Phase two

Secondly, the client requested a short 1.500-3.000 words (5-10 pages) executive report on UK payday loans industry. The market research for the loan providers industry included a general overview of the industry and its attractiveness. It also included the law requirements to start a payday loan company, market size and potential, main competitors and their place on the market, as well as the latest news in the payday loan area.

Additional work

Since the UK report was a great success, we’ve continued toward other countries – worldwide. For more prominent countries like USA/Canada, we’ve created a separate executive report for each state. We generated Roughly 100 reports covering 100 countries/states.

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Western Circle LTD


United Kingdom


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