Market Research of Vegan Food in Italy

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Market Research of Vegan Food in Italy

An individual entrepreneur, making and selling traditional handmade healthy food in Italy, had an idea of selling their products online (e-commerce) throughout Italy. In order to realize their plan, they wanted to have a better understanding of the healthy food market. The client’s interest was in vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, food for celiac, BIO, not GMO. For this project, the client required our service Market Research for the vegan food market in Italy.

To get a clear overview of the market, first, we defined and analyzed the potential customers. Then we explored the competition and identified the direct competitors together with their strengths and weaknesses.
Furthermore, we also defined the competition’s USPs that helped our client predict their actions in the future. Additionally, we analyzed our client’s business and offered several USP recommendations.

And as the last step from our market research on the vegan food market, we made a comparison between the online prices and the prices in supermarkets on bread, biscuits and fresh pasta.

Testimonial: “Great job, very professional and serious worker. Will hire again.”

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