Research for the Gas Turbine Inlet Industry

  • Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling market

Research for the Gas Turbine Inlet Industry

An individual entrepreneur needed market research of the Gas Turbine Inlet Industry. More specifically, they asked us to do competitor research of active businesses worldwide. The final output of the study was a list of over 50 companies. The list included the locations of the businesses, their headquarters, and the Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling technologies they offer. With an accent on evaporate cooling, fogging, wet compression, mechanical chilling, absorption chilling and thermal energy storage, etc.

Second phase:

Besides the research for the Gas Turbine Inlet Industry, they also instructed us on a second project. The client demanded we screen worldwide technical literature available for thermal energy storage and wet compression. That included nozzle options, patterns, and positions, as well as the possible damage to the gas turbines. Damages that can happen due to incorrect water droplet sizes, chiller sizing, stratified water tank design & Inlet coil design, and the position in the filter house.

Testimonial: “Excellent work on a rather technical topic. Happy with the results, thank you very much!”


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Individual Entrepreneur




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