Market Research of Entrepreneurship Learning Schools

  • Market Research of Entrepreneurship learning schools in USA

Market Research of Entrepreneurship Learning Schools

AdSpace is a client from the USA that reached to us to do market research on entrepreneurship learning schools in the USA. They wanted to know the development of the USA entrepreneurship education system. In other words, they wanted to know who are the service providers in this industry, what kind of content they provide, and at what price.

The process & result:

We started the market research of entrepreneurship learning schools by examining all the available data and reports on entrepreneurial training. This included analysing the colleges and universities that offer courses in entrepreneurship. After we assembled the data, we found the rate of new entrepreneurs rising.

Secondly, we analysed the direct and indirect competitors and formed a competition review. As direct competitors, we presented the entities that offer the same services to the same audience. And as indirect competitors, we presented all entities targeting the same audience but with similar services that solve the same problem. Competitors like universities and formal business schools.

Finally, after collecting all the data, we displayed it as a 25-page report summary. This report gave our client insights into the future opportunities and gaps on the market for their business idea.


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