Market research of Countries with low or free electricity costs

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Market research of Countries with low or free electricity costs


The client was in a process of starting a new business venture for which he needed 10.000 Computer Servers. Since this requires a lot of electricity he was concerned about the costs. He was interested in finding the best location to place the servers. For this purpose, he needed a research of the countries that have lowest or free electricity costs.

We conducted our research dividing it into three sections:

  1. The first section was the price of electricity per country, or related data found (with source)
  2. In the second section, we looked at big players, in order to see where they located their data centers
  3. In the third section, we presented the best country for setting up the data center.

After this project, the client was satisfied with our work so we started to work on another one.

For the second project, the client wanted to study people’s opinion on a company called Genesis Mining by analyzing the comments posted on a public forum. The forum had about 250 pages. We categorized the comments from these pages in a spreadsheet starting with the comments from the last 12 months.

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