Market Research of Concierge services in EU

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Market Research of Concierge services in EU


Individual entrepreneur needed an In-depth Market Research of concierge industry worldwide in order to find out the big market players.

The process and result

After screening the industry we wrote a 33-page report concluding the major players on the market. These included what are their offerings, several indirect competitors (that offer admin services, hotels with their own concierge services and 3rd party platforms). We dedicated a special section on the market data. There, in addition to the potential market, we analyzed the top 30 Android applications for concierge. Consequently, we analyzed 20+ travel portals that substitute for these services.

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions were absolutely great. They made an extensive market research on the requested topic in just 10 hours. They created a report with short summaries and a reference list so I could read the full article/check the website myself if I want to. They communicated with me before we have started to understand the topic better and after each 5 hours of work. Would definitely contact them again in future. I highly recommend BizzBee Solutions.”

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