Market Research of all Governmental Institutions and Departments

  • LinkedIn leads Market Research of all Governmental Institutions and Departments

Market Research of all Governmental Institutions and Departments

LinkedIn needed a Market Research of all governmental institutions and departments related to starting a business.

Governmental Institutions and Departments research

Our job included screening the countries and states, identify departments that are responsible for registering a company. As a result, we managed to provide a list of 50 countries (and each state in the USA). This list included the company registry site and its person in charge. Also, we’ve found the head ministry responsible for that department.

The second aspect of the research was to identify if these institutions have the company data available online in a machine-readable format.

Guidestar and NGO Research

The client gave us a list of organizations and needed to do market research to identify their assets, grants, types of grants, issue policy etc. The list included different kinds of organizations such as Think Tanks, Philanthropies, Nonprofit organizations, Multinational NGOs and Multilateral Development Banks. Most of them located in the United States. In addition to the research, we performed a B2B Lead Generation of the organizations listed. We did this to find contact information of people responsible for the specific issue policy.

Job banks analysis in 20 countries

The client wanted to understand how the national job banks work – regulatory agencies or departments that publish all official job ads. More specifically, to know who builds the websites that federal and state governments use to host job banks – who is the company that the government contracted to build that platform in each country. Once identified, our job was to find as many related information on the length. We also found the value of the contract, as well as any supporting documentation. Even though this project was quite demanding, our bees have successfully managed to do a market research of all the governmental institutions.

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions are true professionals. They delivered a thoughtful proposal and then completed the work on time and with high quality output. I would definitely work with them again.”


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