Research on Children’s Book Market

  • Market Research for Norwegian children books market

Research on Children’s Book Market

Pickatale is a digital publisher of premium storybooks subscription platform for children, offering children’s books for reading, listening, or interacting. To help them enter a new market, they needed us to do extensive research on the children’s book market in Norway.  Besides the analysis, they also needed some relevant business intelligence to help them make the right decisions.

The process:

We assembled the process of market research on the children’s book market in several steps.

First, we started by doing a generic overview of the industry by analysing the number of publishers and booksellers in the country. And also by locating all other relevant associations and institutions in the industry. Institutions like the Norwegian Publishers Association, the Booksellers Association, and more.

Secondly, we examined the industry economics and checked the booksellers’ income and sales reports from different book distribution channels. We also checked the popularity of e-books and learned that they were not that popular, as Amazon had not been present yet in Norway.

Lastly, we finished the analysis by giving a general overview of the industry. Including the reports of the total number of published children books, the most popular genres, and future trends.



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