Research on Face Recognition Apps

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Research on Face Recognition Apps

Wordlynx Wireless are clients that needed market research on the popularity of face recognition apps and a list of available apps on the market. As a company that sells mobile devices, they asked us to make a list of Android/iOS apps that use face recognition.

The results:

After performing thoughtful research on face recognition apps, we proceeded towards examining the market for this type of apps. As a result, the list included 25 mobile applications that matched our client’s criteria.

Apps such as NameTag that allows users to scan strangers and then match them to publicly-available profiles. Another example is Finding Rover, a facial recognition app that helps people find missing dogs by only taking a photo.  And 23 more. Feel free to check the rest on the sample list below. 🙂

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions were very prompt to address my needs and were great at communicating with me to make sure they understood exactly what I was looking for. They delivered the project 5 days before the deadline and the quality was good! I highly recommend BizzBee Solutions”.


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