Market Research for a Meeting Management Company

  • market research for a meeting management company

Market Research for a Meeting Management Company

Sherpany is a leading company in the development of innovative technology for executives, corporate secretaries, and directors, enabling large and mid-sized companies to turn meetings into value creators. So, our team did market research for this meeting management company. They aimed to better understand their position on the market as well as their potential target.

The client offers amazing meeting management software that is primarily used for synchronization within board members and C-level positions within a company.

Main key features of the software:

  • High Security – most important feature for banks and insurance companies.
  • Annotation Feature – as a typical board member is 50+ years of age, the annotation gives them the feeling that they are writing on paper (just on their tablets)
  • Easy to use
  • Voting feature – especially useful for board members
  • Instant update on documents
  • Take notes directly in the app, synchronized with the other members

Targeted companies:

  • Number of employees: +200
  • Revenue : +100M

We did thorough research on the Industry, Target Market, Potential Partnerships and Competition (Direct and Indirect), in order to gather more knowledge on how to position them on the market.



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