Market Research for Marijuana Cultivation

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Market Research for Marijuana Cultivation

An individual entrepreneur from Colorado needed us to do market research on marijuana cultivation of retail and medical marijuana.

The process:

We kick-started this project by conducting extensive analysis and studying Colorado’s legal marijuana industry trends.
Secondly, we did a market analysis for Colorado and studied the market changes and the cannabis business survival rate. We also examined the size of the demand on the market for Cannabis products.

Additionally, we analyzed the cannabis policy of Colorado, or in other words, we studied the legal status of cannabis and found that it varies from country to country.

After collecting all the available information for the market research for marijuana cultivation, we were able to answer our client’s primary questions:

  1. How profitable is the average marijuana dispensary?
  2. What marijuana /cannabis businesses can you start in Colorado?

To sum up, our job for our client included an in-depth screening of the marijuana industry, a competitor analysis, and a customer analysis.

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions are very prompt. They have great communication along with great work ethics”


Client name

Individual Entrepreneur


USA, Colorado


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