Market Research for a Lifestyle Brand

  • Market research for a lifestyle brand

Market Research for a Lifestyle Brand

On behalf of DoUnico, we did market research for their lifestyle brand of bags and backpacks.

DoUnico is a new brand on the market, focusing on solving problems for businesswomen and making their life easier. Furthermore, the bags they offer are functional, comfortable and easy to implement in the modern woman’s wardrobe. These bags can be adjusted for any situation of the day: a comfortable backpack, computer bag, or even a small clutch. For this project, DoUnico wanted to research the environment before creating any marketing and sales strategies.

Their target were self-made, hardworking, ambitious young women in their late twenties and thirties. With this in mind, our proposed solution consisted of these sequential steps:

  • Market and Industry Overview (Industry Trends, Market Segmentation, Target Market Analysis)
  • Online Competition Overview

In conclusion, we successfully completed our first milestone with this client, and we would be happy to collaborate further.


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