Market Research For A Leading Provider Of Telecom And IoT Solutions

  • Market research for telecom and IoT solutions

Market Research For A Leading Provider Of Telecom And IoT Solutions

Our BizzBee team did market research for Telecom and IoT solutions.

Mobius Software is an expert company in IoT/M2M, Telecommunications and Big Data areas, based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
They offer custom software development in these areas, together with supplementary services (mobile development, web development and QA).
Additionally, their customers are mostly located in Israel, USA and UK.

The company was planning to expand its presence on the market, by analyzing the competitors and their products.

They approached us so we can help them understand their competitors and the products that the competitors are offering, along with the pricing. We found 28 relevant competitors of which 16 were offering SMSC platform solutions and 12 were offering Messaging Gateway platform solutions.

All 28 companies were contacted via email in order to find out more information regarding the pricing. After that, we gathered the information from the companies that responded, we populated a spreadsheet with the prices.


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TESTIMONIAL: “Bizzbee team is doing great and hard work, even in areas which are very hard to analyze, like Telecom.”


Client name

Mobius Software


Kyiv, Ukraine