Market Research And Lead Generation For A CAD Software Solution

  • Market research and a lead generation for a CAD software solution

Market Research And Lead Generation For A CAD Software Solution

On behalf of our client, the BizzBee team did market research and lead generation for a CAD software solution.

CAD-Manufacturing Solutions, Inc., is a US-based CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software solution provider, which intends to expand its sales on the European continent.

In order to achieve this, the client needed our Lead gen service to identify potential CAD software distributors.

Prior to the Lead generation process, we did research on the industries which use CAD software the most, so we can see what would be the ideal target. The research also managed to identify a few types of businesses which can be used as potential software distributors. Since LinkedIn doesn’t have a search category for software resellers/distributors, we did the potential CAD software reseller/distributor List building manually. Google-search based approach.

So we made detailed research on the European market. We were searching for online web stores and online storefronts that offer computer-related products. Products such as software and hardware. We were also looking at distributor partners of other CAD software providers. That was in order to check whether they are partnered with any company (reseller/distributor) in order to deliver the ideal target and compile the list of leads.




Client name

CAD-Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.