Water Purification Market Analysis

  • Market Research for Water Purification system

Water Purification Market Analysis

 Magnascent is a patent holder of a consumable form of nascent iodine that needed a water purification market analysis.

As a member of Shield Bearer, Inc., they had an idea of developing a new product, an iodine-based water purification system, to open up a new market. Before starting with the investment in the developing phases of the water purification system, they asked us to do a market analysis. So they would learn more about the potential of the market and the demand for those kinds of products.

We organised the research report for the water purification systems market in three main parts: 

-Market Overview: -including analysis of market segments and targeted groups, and industry trends.

-Competition analysis: -of their direct and indirect competitors.

-Summary: A conclusion from the conducted research.

All in all, the research helped our client decide whether to invest in this market or not.


Client name

Shield Bearer Inc.


Texas, USA


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