Software Development Feasibility Study

  • Market Research for Software Development Feasibility study

Software Development Feasibility Study

An individual entrepreneur from Egypt had an idea for opening a software development business. They were interested in finding out if the idea is achievable and about the potential on the market. Also, they wanted to know the potential outcome and how severe is the competition. In other words, they requested from us a Software development feasibility study.

We split the study into three parts:

Market overview: – the primary purpose of this section was to analyze the business opportunity of entering the foreign market with outsourcing. For this aim, we researched the software development market on two levels: the global market and country target market (Egypt).

Target market overview:

In this section, we did:

  • An overview of the IT industry that helped us narrow the research to the final goal, finding the end-users.
  • An overview of the mobile app development market and examined its trends and demand.
  • We narrowed the selling channels as a critical step in the strategy that helps the company to enter the market.

Competitive Overview: Finally, in the last section of the software development feasibility study, we did an overview of the international and local competitors in Egypt.

Lastly, we did a conclusion chapter, including the main points of the research and our recommendations to our client.

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