Market research for Data Processing

  • Market Research for Qualitative Data processing

Market research for Data Processing

Velocitek is a client from the USA that needed help with Market Research for their watersport products business. More specifically, they needed help with processing the data of a survey they performed and had trouble interpreting. In essence, the client required market research for qualitative data processing purposes.

The process and results

Our bees’ job included going over hundreds of qualitative responses and transforming them into grouped, meaningful graphical quantitative information. And after analyzing all the information, they could finally organize it and build a visual presentation on the market research for Qualitative Data processing.

Testimonial: “Given little instruction, BizzBee were able to grasp the goal of the project from the outset. They had great communication skills and provided me with regular, timely updates. The end result was of very high quality and was two days before the agreed end time. BizzBee was great to work with and I’ll probably hire them again.


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