Market Research for Pillow company

  • Market Research for Pillow company

Market Research for Pillow company

Karma Pillow is an Australian company that needed more detailed information on the national and international market for pillows. Especially the scope of the market and in which areas it’s evolving. To achieve this mission for our client, an Australian pillow company, we divided the market research into three main sections. Market Overview, Competition Analysis, and Executive Summary section.

Market overview: In the first section, we did an outlook of the global market and the pillow market in Australia.

Competition Analysis: In the second section, we analyzed our client’s main direct and indirect competitors.

Executive Summary: In the last slice from the market research for our client, a pillow company, we summarised the previous sections. In other words, we covered questions like the potential of the market, the average annual growth rate, future trends,  and competition overview with its social media presence.


Client name

Karma Pillows


Melbourne, Australia


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