Market Research For A Healthcare Service Provider

  • Market Research For A Healthcare Service Provider

Market Research For A Healthcare Service Provider

Our research team helped with executing market research for a healthcare service provider, based in Georgia, USA.

Accolade Consultants is a healthcare service provider located in Douglas Ville, Georgia. The company is founded by Stephen Broomes, M.D. in 2013, providing veteran evaluation services, file review services, as well as expert witnessing services. To keep costs low, the company has decided to outsource a lot of its activities. At the moment, there are 23 people in the Philippines, outsourcing various tasks that can be done remotely.

Driven by the positive experience, they are interested in exploring the possibility to start a new business – an outsourcing company in the Philippines. This new company would serve their existing outsourcing needs, as well as offer to other doctors from the USA.
For this purpose, Accolade Consultants needed market research in order to better understand the market need and the size of the business opportunity. The main goal of the research is to support the decision-making process of the owners of the company.

The most important part of the research is to understand the market. Specifically the doctors from the USA. We need to understand the size of the market, are they actively outsourcing? If not why? If yes, what kind of services are they usually outsourcing? At what price range? What else can we find out about the market that is relevant for the new outsourcing business? The research should provide answers to questions like this, and help us understand the existing potential of the business.
The output of this market research is a well-structured report with a summary of each section and our recommendations based on the findings.


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