Market Research for Hen Consumption in China

  • Market Research for Han consumption in China

Market Research for Hen Consumption in China

An entrepreneur from Brazil wanted to expand their family-run agricultural business of producing eggs to exporting hen meet and hen parts in the Asian region. For their idea to come to success, they asked us to do market research for hen consumption. They wanted to know if it is profitable to export hen meet and parts to large distribution centres in China.

We constructed the market research for hen consumption in three chapters:

Market Overview: In this chapter, we explored if there is a demand for hen meet and parts in China and if people differentiate chicken meat from hen meat. We also investigated what are the largest distribution centres that can be potential clients for imported hen meat. In other words, we did a complete market overview.

Industry competition: In the second chapter, we analyzed different statistics such as growing/shrinking and how the industry matures over time. We looked at the competition, market players, and pricing to determine if there is a need for imported hen meat.

Governmental section: Lastly, we investigated and defined the governmental regulations in China on the exportation of poultry meat.


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