Market Research for a Fin-Tech Company

  • Market research for a fin-tech company

Market Research for a Fin-Tech Company

For this project, we did market research for a fin-tech company. Credissimo is a dynamic high-tech company, which is among the fastest-growing FinTech structures in the non-banking financial sector. Founded in 2007, they have established a strong portfolio of customer base.

As a non-bank financial institution, they provide quick and easy solutions in the event of a need for short-term financing. Furthermore, their products include short-term loans, instalment loans, e-commerce POS financing, and online car title loans.

This research was needed for entering a new market, or two potential markets/countries such as Poland and Colombia.

To sum up, the research should explore the country, the non-banking industry and market, more precisely at the segment fast loans in which Credissimo is operating.


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