Market Research For Dried Fruit Sales In The USA

  • market Research for dried fruit sales

Market Research For Dried Fruit Sales In The USA

Our client was looking for detailed market research regarding online dried fruit sales in the United States. They were planning on importing fruit from southeast Asia to sell through Amazon and Shopify.

Deliverables were but also not limited to:
– Competitor Research;
– Customer research;
– Market Research.

For competitors, the main focus points were:
– Pricing per kilo;
– Keywords they are using for SEO;
– Branding style;
– Target audience;
– Local or import.

Customer Research:
– Demographics;
– Purchasing Power;
– Main Location;
– The best way to reach them.

Market Research:
– Market Size;
– The average cost per product;
– How much are buyers willing to pay.

Based on the competitor analysis, the US, Canada, and Mexico are the prime locations for sourcing dry fruits. We went through all consumer reviews provided beneath each competitor’s dry fruit product on Amazon and provided a general summary of the buyer’s thoughts on the product.


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