Market Research for Bus Travel Company

  • Market Research for Bus Tour Travel

Market Research for Bus Travel Company

An individual entrepreneur from a bus travel company needed us to do market research and analyze the market’s potential. Their offers include an adventurous camping tour for young people from Brisbane to Sydney, with a return option. To help the client analyze its potential, we have conducted a complete Market Research, divided into four chapters.

Market Overview:
In the first chapter, we analysed the current climate of the travel and tourism industry as well as it’s trends.

Consumer Market Segmentation:
In the second chapter, we did a generational segmentation of the consumer market, focusing on the target segment and the consumer travel preferences.

Competition analysis:
In this chapter, we analyzed the direct competitors’ offers, including prices, accommodation, group size, targeted ages, activities, etc. As well as the offers of the top indirect competitors.

Governmental Regulations:
In the last chapter, we found information about the necessary licenses and permits needed to start a tourism business.

Lastly, we summed all the collected information from the market research for our client, a bus travel company, and presented it in the Executive Summary report.


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Individual Entrepreneur