Market Research For Australian Accounts

  • Market Research For Australian Accounts

Market Research For Australian Accounts

Our team did a project for a B2B tech marketing agency from Australia, called xGrowth. Specifically, the project was market research for Australian accounts.

Their main clients are B2B technology companies or technology service providers, looking to land and expand mid-market and enterprise deals. Account-based marketing aligns sales and marketing teams to work together on the same set of target accounts. It is a strategic approach to creating highly personalised marketing campaigns leading to pipeline acceleration, higher closure rates and faster sales cycles.

Moreover, they’ve helped in creating a $1.2 million pipeline for an IT consulting firm in 4 weeks using ABM principles.

The client requested a professional Market Research. They needed details of decision-makers from offices in specifically Western Australia OR South Australia (only 2 accounts were from South Australia – Alinta Energy and SIMEC Mining).
We needed to complete a list of contact information for 20 accounts they have given to us.

TESTIMONIAL: “It was an absolute pleasure working alongside Danco and his team. The requirement for our work was very specific and they were extremely accomodating and flexible with the type of support that they could provide. The information and research that they provided were accurate and were exactly what we needed. I would highly recommend Danco and his team for the high quality of work that they provided.”

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