Market Research For Air Cooling Products

  • market research for air cooling products

Market Research For Air Cooling Products

Our research team did market research for an air cooling products company, called JMATEK.

JMATEK is a consumer good company for manufacturing different Air cooling products based in Hong Kong.

Their goal was to penetrate the USA market through Amazon. So, they needed to screen their competitors and do a customer reviews comparisons.

At first, we used a specific tool for extracting product information from the specific product category. Then, we searched for competitors on Amazon and map the specifications on the top-selling models from each segment against each other. We needed to encompass 5 segments x 4 products each – 20 products in total (best selling products on Amazon). For all 20 we created a map, where it will be compared against features and specifications.

After the Marketing Sizing, Marketing Segmentation and Competitor specification mapping, we also did a Customer Review Analysis. That is from Amazon reviews as well.


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