Market Research for an Event Management SaaS

  • Market Research for an event management SaaS

Market Research for an Event Management SaaS

We conducted very detailed market research for an event management SaaS, based in Kuwait.

Zemmz is a Software as a Service (SaaS), that provides a simplified event management marketing platform. Specifically aimed at small to medium event organisers, Zemmz removes the need to hire a dedicated web developer to create event websites.

From creating an event to converting the event’s details into a working event webpage, Zemmz delivers a service that eliminates any complications involved in managing an event, workshop, seminar, conference, or even a concert.

The client was looking for a researcher to assist him in finding out as much relevant information as possible regarding Small Event Management Companies and Marketing Department in Corporations that have the need for Event Management Software worldwide.
In order to find that information, we screened the market – we identified the market size and market share, then analysed the competition – identification of competition USPs, strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, we did research on the market-specific audiences and/or users, compared services, prices, and packages.



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