Market Research For An E-Commerce Food Store In Italy

  • market research for an e-commerce food store

Market Research For An E-Commerce Food Store In Italy

Our research team did quality market research to help an e-Commerce food store in Italy.

The client got an idea of launching an e-commerce store for high-quality Italian products. They had a restaurant in Italy and since in Italy the tax burden is really high and the political climate is very bad, they were considering selling the restaurant and starting an online business.

Therefore, we needed to research the market in Europe and see in which country the taxes are lower. This was done in order to set up a warehouse for the Italian products and sell them online. Meaning, no physical shops or restaurants are included. The client already had Cyprus in mind, but we needed to see if this country will be the right choice and provide other options as well.

Besides that, the client has done a quick research and selected the best Italian food that they wanted to sell and ship internationally. So we needed to see what is the demand for this product.
With our Market research report, we believe we helped them get deep market insight and analysis. They will be able to understand if their business is moving in the right direction and look at business opportunities. As well as confirm the target countries for selling the products.


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TESTIMONIAL: “Excellent team of experts who helped me with in-depth market research for an e-commerce project.”


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Gallo Rosso


Salo, Italy


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