Market Research For A Data-Processing Analytics Company

  • Market research for a data-processing analytics company

Market Research For A Data-Processing Analytics Company

We did market research for a data-processing and analytics company, based in Canada.

Aethyr Solutions is a Canadian data-processing and analytics company that provides a data analytics service. With this, they are helping clients gain insights and make suggestions on how they can improve their organization. All of that based on their data. Therefore, Aethyr Solutions helps its clients achieve fast results and increase their own data analytics mastery.

From customer experience to business optimization to every component of your operation, Aethyr can help you turn data into your most valuable asset.

The client needed our help in order to find SMEs which work with a lot of data. So they can offer their analytical solution. In order to find out in which industry there are more companies like these, we offered our Outbound growth strategy solution. First, we started with ICP research in order to provide them with their ideal target before we set up the campaigns for the double outreach.

Looking at the market opportunities we will provide Aethyr Solutions with a better understanding of the industries which have the highest potential of requiring Aethyr Solutions’ data analytic service.

Regarding the next steps, as we discussed our suggestion was to start with an Ideal Client Profile research. We cannot provide a proposal with a price and timeline for the whole Growth Program, since we cannot predict the industry and companies that will be targeted and the size of the targeted market.

Target: Small and Medium Businesses that work with a lot of data.
Location: USA, and Canada.

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