Market Research and a Business Plan for the Procurement industry in the UAE

  • Market Research, Business Plan, Lead Generation for the UAE Procurement industry

Market Research and a Business Plan for the Procurement industry in the UAE

The client had an idea to start a procurement agency in the UAE. It had some basic research and needed a business consultant that will push the way forward. In essence, the client required Market Research, Business Plan, as well as Lead Generation for the UAE Procurement industry.

Phase one

Our first service for our client was the business idea definition. We defined the business idea with the help of the Business Model Canvas (business model generation).

Phase two

Secondly, our bees did extensive market research in the UAE for the procurement industry. The research included the PESTL model, covering the political, economic, social, technological and legal aspect of the business. Also, our bees reviewed our client’s existing competitors, their key strengths and weaknesses, as well as benchmarked from other alike companies from around the world. We also studied all Free Zones in UAE because of the client’s interest in starting the business in a Free Zone.

Phase three

Thirdly, the findings from the extensive research were used to create a business plan. We defined the company strategy, product/service specification, organizational structure, value proposition, and go-to-market strategy. The business plan also included risk assessment, as well as the financial model. It covered different scenarios and their impact on the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.

Final phase

Finally, we’ve made a test on the business concept. Thus, we identified 500 targeted companies, tracking the targeted position within each, including their contact information and initializing contact with a personalized e-mail offering client’s services and monitoring their feedback.

Testimonial: “It was a pleasure working with BizzBee Solutions, they are very professional, punctual and flexible. I hired them to conduct market research for a start up idea and they delivered with excellence. Thank you BizzBee for your services, I am looking forward to more collaborations with you in the future.”


Client name

Individual Entrepreneur


United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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