Market Research Service on Various Industries

  • Market Research and Lead Generation service on various industries

Market Research Service on Various Industries

Centa Solutions used both our Market research and consequently, Lead Generation service on various industries for their mobile solutions.

The process

To please our client and craft a market research report for various industries, our bees’ completed the following projects:

  • Lead generation- Banking industry: Based on several criteria, we’ve screened 100 countries to shortlist to the top 25. Within each country, we identified all banks (952 banks), Telco (126) and MFI/NFSP (1575 entities) and made additional grading based on specific criteria. In the end, we’ve obtained personal information for the decision-makers.
  • Market Research and Lead Generation – Robo Advisors: We made in-depth research on Robo Advisors in Sweden, Denmark, UK, South Korea, and Baltic Countries. Within each country, we analyzed the Industry, the market, the competition as well as finding leads from potential clients. We’ve identified a total of 940 robot-advisory companies as a result.
  • Kindergartens research and lead generation in the UK – For this purpose, we made research on the kindergartens in the UK, in terms of size, public/private, trends, competitions, etc. Next, we did a lead generation of shortlisted kindergartens finding decision-makers and their contact information. We covered 300 kindergartens in this project.
  • Lead generation of buyer/purchasing positions in retail and telco companies.
  • Lead generation of Mobile Operators – found 38 contacts from mobile operators from the EU.

Testimonial: “Job was more complicated than originally anticipated but completed succesfully in spite of this.”


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