Lead Generation on Large Rooftops Prospects for Solar Energy

  • market research and lead generation on UK large rooftops prospects

Lead Generation on Large Rooftops Prospects for Solar Energy

Sun Investment Group is a renewable energy company that wanted a Market Research and Lead Generation on UK large rooftops prospects to help them acquire big clients in the solar energy field. For this purpose, they needed a list of companies that have an extensive real estate in the UK (cumulative of 16.000m2 in roof space) as well as their contact information.

The process and result of the lead generation on large rooftops prospects project:

First, we started with scanning the UK market to create a list of companies that meet the criteria. And even though it doesn’t seem like that this wasn’t an easy task. In order to find information about their square meters of roof space, we had to use several tools, including Google Maps. With this approach, we were able to extract buildings and their square meters and find 100 potential companies. For each company, we looked up five employees at different levels of job positions. This was intended to provoke conversation within the company. Then we sent a personalized e-mail, mentioning peer names within the mail that ensured communication within the company. After an established initial contact, we introduced them to our client and left them to continue their cooperation.

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