Market Research of Startups in Berlin and London

  • market research and lead generation of startups in Berlin

Market Research of Startups in Berlin and London

For their Master Level SEO program, Rigstone Capital UG needed Market Research and Lead Generation of startups in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt (Germany) and London (UK). Above all, the client wanted to obtain contact information from the company (web, address, etc.) with the help of market research and lead generation. Also, a contact from their CEO and founders.

The process and result

Our approach included finding all entities that support startups. This included business incubators, business accelerators, and startup centres, and follow the startup companies from there. As a result, our bees’ completed the market research for startups. They managed to provide 1600 start-ups from Germany as well as 1000 start-ups from the UK, including their contact information.

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Rigstone Capital UG




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