Market Research for Management Consulting Company

  • Market Research and Lead Generation for various industries

Market Research for Management Consulting Company

AS Consulting is an Australian management consulting company that needed our services in Market Research and Lead Generation  for various industries, precisely:

  • Market research on Plastic Packaging Manufacturing in Australia. The research included demand and supply analysis, industry dynamics, recent developments, customer needs, and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis.
  • Market research on POP (point of purchase) advertising in the USA. The analysis included all the multinational brands, manufacturing firms displays, advertising and shopper agencies, Marketing Communications Procurement firms and retailers. It made an overview of the major competitors, as well as future trends. As a summary, we did Porter’s Five Forces analysis.
  • As a result of the successful research, we did a lead generation of US/Australia. We looked for potential clients in specific industries, finding targeted positions and their contact information. We’ve identified 1.306 relevant areas in USA and 784 relevant positions in Australia, their contact information, LinkedIn, and E-mail address.

Other projects

After the market research for our client’ consulting company, another project our bees did for them was a lead generation for the Sydney area. Our bees managed to identify 84 people under unique criteria.

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions met the objectives and deadline which was tight to start with. Well done.”

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AS Consulting




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