Market Research for Translation Company


Market Research for Translation Company

Welcome Translation Experts is a translation and interpreting company in London that asked us to do market research for them. They provide outstanding translation services for clients in the legal sector. Their goal is to expand their market. To do that, they needed to explore other industries where translation and transcreation services are required.

With our Market Research document for our client a for Translation Company, we covered the UK. Moreover, we provided information about the opportunities Europe offers. And as a result, we understood the market and the target that needs our client’ services the most.

Our method consisted of sequential steps:

• Market Section: – in this section, we researched their customers. We found the segments and the purpose of using the client’s services (for business use or personal use).
Furthermore, we studied their purchasing power and the average price they are ready to pay? In short, we understood what kind of companies are using their services.

• Industry/Competition: – here, we covered the statistics (grow rate) and the trends. And in the second part of this section, we researched their direct and indirect competitors.

Satisfied with our work, we proceed to work with this client offering our Lead Generation service. Moreover, we built a list for our client that consisted of potential customers and their contact information. We delivered 350 companies from Spain to the UK, in the legal, medical, finance, travel and technology industries, together with the contact information of the relevant person within each company.

Testimonial: “Excellent.”


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Welcome Translation Expert


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