Market Research for Creative Industries from Nigeria

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Market Research for Creative Industries from Nigeria

A management consulting agency needed help with the creation of a baseline for all the industries that included TV, radio, advertising, film production, music, and festivals & concerts. In short, our client was asking for Market Research for the Creative Industries in Nigeria.

First stage – Market Research

First, our bees’ conducted a thorough screening of the Nigeria creative industries by reviewing the industry landscape. We found the target audience, industry economics and an industry benchmark with one developed country. The final output was a 100+ pages baseline report. Arguably, this was a starting point for follow-up interviews with the relevant parties.

Second stage – recommendations

In the second stage, our bees crafted recommendations for the Nigerian government on how to improve their creative industries.
The proposals included:

1) Problem identification – identify all the problems that the creative industries are facing;
2) Problem elaboration – examination of the issues in more details and recognizing the sources responsible for the appearance of the problem;
3) Benchmark from other countries – review how other countries that were facing the same issues, managed to address them;
4) Conclusion – a specific list of recommendations applicable to the Nigerian creative industries.

Third stage – business planning

Further, as a final step, our client was impressed with the achieved results so much that they requested a second service. They needed a  Business Plan to capture the opportunities of the creative industries in Nigeria. Arguably, the proposed business plan consisted of large area resort (including hotels) for high-quality video and audio content production, post-production, and distribution and promotion services, including touristic attraction scheme. We researched the market for this type of application and accordingly, we created a list of 25 mobile applications that matched the criteria.

All in all, our bees duties for our client, included doing a Market Research for the Creative Industries in Nigeria and crafting the perfect Business Plan.

Testimonial: “Amazing work ethic. Very versatile company. Will definitely cooperate again.”


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