Market Research for Education Platform

  • Market Research and Business Plan for Education Gaming Platform

Market Research for Education Platform

Our client from the UK had a business idea for an Educational Game Startup. Their platform will be allowing kids to learn while playing. Before starting with the official launching of the startup, our client asked us to do a Market Research about their education platform. Focusing the target on the UK Educational and Gaming Market. 

We structured the market research in 3 main sections, each covering different aspects of the industry:

  1. PEST Analysis: We covered the laws and regulations that affect the founding and running of a business in the UK. Including an overview of the PEST factors in the UK.
  2. Market Overview: Within this section, we analyzed the global e-learning market and its sub-segment gamification of the education market. Furthermore, we focused the research on the e-learning industry in the UK. The last part of this chapter focuses on the different market segments the gamification of education industry encompasses.
  3. Competitive Overview: In the end, we made an overview of all the global and local competitors that operate in the UK market.

In addition to the in-depth market research for their education platform, the client also asked for a Business Plan. We developed the business plan that was consisted of three parts:

  1. External analysis: We did an overview of the market, including a competitive landscape of direct and indirect competition, and a PEST analysis.
  2. Internal analysis: This part contained several sub-chapters: Business model, Mission & Vision of the company, Marketing plan, Process Workflow, Organization structure, SWOT analysis, and Risk Management.
  3. Financial model: Lastly, we constructed the financial model and presented everything that we researched. This included the investment and capital expenditures, income statement, cash flow statement, break-even analysis, and balance sheet.

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Individual Entrepreneur


United Kingdom


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