Market Research for Financial Portal Targeting Women

  • Market Research and Business Plan for Financial portal targeting women

Market Research for Financial Portal Targeting Women

Our client, financial portal targeting women, first required our services in March 2016. They demanded a cross-country Market Research for their financial portal. The research was on three different industries in the SEA countries, Events, Advertising and Market Research.
After scanning all three sectors in 6 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India) and gathering all the needed information, our bees’ compiled 100+ pages of a market research report. The research was exceptional, so the client continued the cooperation toward¬†building a Business Plan. The business plan covered all SEA countries in all three industries, including internal analysis and financial model.

Additional work

In May 2016, the client needed additional help, again in the field of market research for their financial portal. With a difference that now they needed to compile a list of financial web portals from around the world. These web portals either managed to raise capital or a company acquired them. Our bees’ job included identifying the sites through research, gathering more information on the deal, as well as the evaluation for funding/sale. We managed to compile a list of 20 websites that obtained funding and additional 20 sold.

Testimonial: “Their job is amazing and went beyond what was expected.”


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