LinkedIn Personalised Messages For An Automation Tool

  • LinkedIn Personalised Messages For An Automation Tool

LinkedIn Personalised Messages For An Automation Tool

Our copywriters did an excellent job by writing LinkedIn personalised messages for an automation tool. A software company, based in Paris, France.

Mindsay enables companies to provide simple and efficient customer interactions through Conversational AI.

They aim into helping customer service teams overcome common challenges, allowing them to automate large volumes of customer requests, eliminate time-consuming processes, and optimize their use of human resources.

From basic FAQs to complex transactions, they help companies build their customer service automation strategy, from simple to sophisticated, allowing for maximum automation of customer interactions and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Our client is targeting Utility companies, Insurance, Banking, Travel and Telecommunications. They are focusing on the EU, USA and Canada. Furthermore, they are targeting people working in customer service, customer officers or directors, or more senior people.

To sum up, Mindsay were looking for introductory sentences since their team didn’t have time to do it for themselves.

That means someone to look at the people’s LinkedIn profiles and see if they have been promoted recently, or doing an activity (playing football) to make the approach more natural and personalised.

Finally, our client reviewed our work and was very happy with the results. Soon after, we were offered another similar project.

TESTIMONIAL: “Was very nice working with Danco and his team!”

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Paris, France