LinkedIn Outreach For An SEO Agency From Florida

  • LinkedIn Outreach For An SEO Agency From Florida

LinkedIn Outreach For An SEO Agency From Florida

Our team helped with executing a LinkedIn outreach campaign for an SEO agency from Florida.

Socratik is the SEO agency that listens, leads, and executes with efficiency for mid-size and enterprise clients who are driven by ROI. They focus on SEO without missing the bigger picture.

Whether it’s a lack of leads, low traffic, technical issues or content that isn’t hitting home, they start by asking why. And then roll up their sleeves and solve it.

With 15+ years of SEO and digital marketing experience, their team helps businesses get ahead of the industry-unique SEO challenges and helps them stay there.

Sokratik agency is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and San Diego, California.

To sum up, their services include SEO Auditing & Strategy, Technical SEO Consulting, Local SEO, and Content Marketing & Link Building.

We were in the process of building out a list of individuals in the Hospice sector for cold outreach. Our list of contacts included:

  1. Business name
  2. First & Last name
  3. City
  4. Email
  5. LinkedIn Profile
  6. Company location

Before the start of the outreach campaign, we always personalize the email based on the individual we are reaching out to.
For example, if we saw that someone recently started a new role via LinkedIn, we might open the email with a message of congratulations.

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Client name

Socratik Agency


Florida, USA