LinkedIn Outreach For A Private Proxy IT Company

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A Private Proxy IT Company

LinkedIn Outreach For A Private Proxy IT Company

Our team executed a LinkedIn outreach campaign in order to help a private proxy IT company.

WooProxy ( is owned and operated by AquaNetworks HK Limited, a HongKong based IT company which specialises in Cloud IT services.

The company has been formed in 2010 and has since served thousands of customers around the world.

PrivateProxy. provides clean proxies for your business. Their customer segments include Reputation Management, Pricing Intelligence, Market Research, Academia and more.

Due to their affiliation with an IT company, leverages great IP Address resource pools which allows them to provide 100% clean private proxies in many countries around the world.

Their mission is to provide their customers with state-of-the-art proxy server solutions for all business-related applications.

The goal of the outreach campaign was to find more targeted leads and improve the rate of conversion from leads to clients. Tailoring the client segment.

To start with, their ideal target was:

Industry(s): Digital Marketing Agencies (with a major or sizeable focus on SEO and SEM services).
Location(s): US, UK.
No. Employees (range): 5-50.

Ideal positions: The head of the SEO department.
Alternative positions: The CEO of the company (if the company size is less than 10).

There was some room for flexibility because companies differ in their structure. They provide proxies for companies, so they can run the core business process of SEO service delivery. Therefore, other people such as the COO or Procurement/Supplies manager might be also making such purchase decisions.

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