LinkedIn Outreach For A Mindset Coach From Ireland

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A Mindset Coach From Ireland

LinkedIn Outreach For A Mindset Coach From Ireland

We were thrilled to do LinkedIn outreach to help a mindset coach from Dublin, Ireland.

Paradigm Coaching is dedicated to helping Small & Medium size Businesses, Corporate Clients to develop and achieve big results. Therefore, our client is changing the way people think and how their beliefs/ behaviours create a shift in their mindset in order to increase their results.

Barry Lynch is the MD of Paradigm Coaching and a Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant facilitating/coaching the program Thinking Into Results. He has been coaching businesses and franchisees for more than fifteen years.
He shows his clients who are not happy with their current results, a proven method to become happy, healthy and wealthy.

First, we worked on our coach’s LinkedIn profile. Meaning, we updated and optimised it according to LinkedIn’s latest requirements. Then, we moved on to write the copy for the LinkedIn messages.

The client pointed to the following target audience as ideal for this solution: self-employed prospects, and companies with 1 – 10 employees in Ireland regardless of the industry.
Decision Makers: Founder, Owner, Co-founder, Co-owner.

We decided on starting with the self-employed prospects. We’ve identified ~1.5K potential prospects that matched these criteria. The LinkedIn campaign was designed according to this target. Finally, the main goal of the outreach was to promote their coaching solution and set appointments.

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Paradigm Coaching


Dublin, Ireland